"Education is the most powerful weapon which you
 can use to change the world."
                                                            Nelson Mandela

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Understanding the Basics of Cyberbullying

For teenage students

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Convey the message directly to a child!

Teach every child about these issues at a very young age.

Vaccinate every child against the harmful effects.

Provide information in a child friendly way!



Report a bullying incident



If your child is being bullied, all you want is that your child is treated with equality and respect. Equality and respect come from those who are around your child. Therefore, changing the environment and educating the peers are extremely important.  

Share the information and change the environment around your child!

These books can help you make a difference!!

Your involvement is important!


Reporting a bullying incident is very important!

Telling a child who is bullying to "stop" is a key!

Teaching a child to respect others can make a difference!