"Education is the most powerful weapon which you
 can use to change the world."
                                                            Nelson Mandela

Understand and control your thoughts, emotions, and actions.


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These books have a unique concept: powerful messages about life expressed in simple words for parents and teachers to educate children of all grade levels. Adults can maintain the continuity by starting teaching these values early in life and then reinforcing the message as the child matures. Older children can read the books on their own and discuss their opinions with parents and educators. 

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A different approach to
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)


How to Solve a Problem Like
Bullying in 4 steps




These books have the potential to



1. Change the environment


This is done by using simplified concepts that make it easy adults to educate children. Once an adult reads the book, then he or she will be able to discuss these issues with kids of all age groups in an easy-to-understand way.​ When children see the images, it will help them retain the thoughts presented in the book. Therefore, everyone can understand the concepts written in these books. Conveying the message to everyone is essential to change the environment. 


These books are intense and have a lot of information. Therefore, it is important to discuss only small sections of the books at a time. Then, help children apply these thoughts in their day-to-day lives. 


Reinforcing the message is important. Parents and teachers have the freedom to be innovative, use additional resources, do various activities, share their stories and experiences, and tailor their approach according to the age of the children.



2. Enhance social and emotional learning (SEL) skills



Social and emotional learning is an upcoming field. Please see our section on SEL


Our thoughts control our actions. If we want to control our actions, then it is important to understand our thoughts. These books are being published in a strategic manner to help children learn to understand and control their thoughts, emotions, and actions. 








3. Promote happiness



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