"Education is the most powerful weapon which you
 can use to change the world."
                                                            Nelson Mandela

About Us

About Awareness Books for Children

Our Mission: Be Happy!

This happiness comes with

1. Progress by working hard and doing what is ethically and morally correct.

2. Building relationships by focusing on the goodness in others, being selfless and helping each other, accepting those who have made mistakes but have apologized and corrected their behavior, and correcting our mistakes and not repeating them. Commonly, we concentrate on the negative aspects of others and begin the vicious cycle of hatred. Instead, we should have a real intention of treating everyone with equality and respect, resolving conflicts, and building relationships.

3. Contentment gives happiness and peace of mind. Feeling proud of ourselves, our abilities, and our culture, race, religion, and heritage is essential for our personal happiness and satisfaction.

We should teach these values early in life. But these thoughts are intense and are difficult to teach a child. Our goal is to simplify these thoughts and write them in a very simple language so that adults can easily explain these concepts to children.

Also, we want to

Initiate conversations, to involve parents and teachers so that we can collectively work to create a permanent impression in a child’s mind.

Potentiate the efforts of everyone who is also working extremely hard to achieve the same results.

Engage and involve students, as well as appreciate and reward them for doing the right things.

We also wish that every person with integrity and selflessness is 

valued and respected in this world.