"Education is the most powerful weapon which you
 can use to change the world."
                                                            Nelson Mandela

Teens on Screen: A Study by Students

This study has an exceptional value for Awareness Books for Children. 

Dr. Neeti Kohli is an anesthesiologist by profession. She volunteered to mentor middle school students who were interested in participating in a Google science project Teens on Screen. In this process, Dr. Kohli read scientific articles on the effect of media on children. Following that, she wrote her first book Kids on Screen.  Making a difference became her passion. Then, she noticed that there was a need to simplify the concepts of other social issues. Thus, she ventured into the field of Bullying and Social and Emotional Learning. 


Teens on Screen: A Study by Students

Teens on Screen is a study based on the Policy Statement on Media Violence by American Academy of Pediatrics which states that just one to two minutes of counseling by pediatricians in their office can be helpful in increasing children’s awareness. The study was completed by students participating in a Google Science Project in 2012. 

Television, computers, video games, cell phones, iPads, and other electronics are all pulling students into an addiction like quick sand. Responsible teenagers took this epidemic into their own hands and tried to turn it around.

The aim of the study was to make a better society by increasing awareness and implementing media education into today’s society.

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